Shedding light on the future

by investing in photonics

One of our strategic partners is VIGO Photonics a joint stock company and a global leader in production of high operating temperature IR detectors. VIGO Photonics supplies unique products, manufactured with the use of internally developed technology and the aid of its highly specialized team.

Our second strategic partner is Warsaw Equity Group a privately held investment company with over 20 years track record of successfully supporting business ventures both by investing their own capital, as well as by providing ongoing operational and strategic support for active investment projects. We are a part of a larger ecosystem and offer long term business support for our portfolio companies which includes possible next round financing.

We are a part of an almost $ 700bn photonics market with a global technology leader and an experienced private equity investment group backing us up

VIGO Ventures is an investment group supporting cutting edge R&D photonic teams and companies in technology development and commercialization. Our focus is on photonics and hardware. We invest our time and money in teams that know how to proceed from the problem to the solution driven approach, having the product market fit in mind at all times.

Below are the areas that are making a difference on the ground and in space.

Laser systems

Technology enablers; complete products using lasers or laser sources and solutions significantly improving laser parameters. READ MORE

Scanning, sensing imaging

Technology enablers; complete products and solutions or products/services READ MORE


Solutions using or that could benefit from precise IR technology, preferably mid-wave infrared (MWIR) or long-wave infrared (LWIR). READ MORE


Focus on III and V group or based on pure silicon; components for devices, solutions using the properties of certain semiconductors. READ MORE

Materials science

Technology enablers or complete products in a wide spectrum of applied physics and chemistry with identified customers. READ MORE

Quantum technologies

Technology enablers or complete products and solutions that can be used for a identified problem within a given sector. READ MORE

The Why

Because we have a strong technology focus and a partner proficient in applied science approach and a production facility with a long R&D history and proprietary technology. That allows us to find technology overlaps in various applications which eventually may lead to discovering ‘unfair’ competitive advantages.

As investors we have a hands on approach and work together with our portfolio companies aiding them in business development related challenges.

Last but not least we are drawn to dedicated people who are tackling large problems with their hardware based technology solutions.


◆ Industrial partners – PoC/pilot and product market fit enablers.

◆ Experts – technology maturity and feasibility verification.

◆  Supporting partners – lacking resources providers, door openers, accelerators and next round financing partners.

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Fluence has developed extremely environmentally stable and immune to shock femtosecond lasers and is filling in the long-standing market gap of truly service-free femtosecond lasers for industrial applications.


QustomDot created quantum dot(QD) technology for color-conversion (InP) and IR sensing or imaging (InAs). Using their patented QD technology, they address the challenge of color conversion in future applications like microLEDs in various applications like: AR/VR goggles, smart watches, automotive displays, smartphones, etc.

KSM Vision provides smart machine vision systems for industrial in-line quality control. Pharmaceutical, food, construction or cosmetic industries can optimize their production processes and eliminate errors. The systems are based on a proprietary optics and software platform.

Deep Detection provides multispectral x-ray cameras for industrial inspection and material separation enabling simultaneous detection & characterisation Real time, continuous inspection from production lines to recycling to security.

ASIC design house (Analog & Digital) with own products developed. Their technology can also find applications in Photonic Integrated Circuits or Quantum Computing. They are a semiconductor IP cores’ licenses provider.

PHOTON IP is developing cutting edge technologies for advanced photonics applications. The company - together with leading industrial partners - is working towards providing solutions that will be used (among others) in the automotive industry, telecommunications, in the production of wearable electronics or in data centers.

Quantune Technologies has invented the world’s first chip-sized laser spectrometer for molecular sensing in its native spectral range.

Femtum is a unique provider of mid-infrared pulsed fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and tunable lasers for scientific, medical and industrial use.

SpexAI provides a hyperspectral technology that can unlock insights on chemical composition and plant health addressing unmet needs of controlled-environment and greenhouse growers.


Marcin Śledź - Senior Analyst

Wojciech Smoliński - Managing Partner & CEO


Marek Kotelnicki - Managing Partner & Board Member

Jeremi Doboszewski - Investment Associate


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Shedding light on the future
by investing in photonics

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